Who I am

I am an architect and I live in Tuscany. Besides I paint, create and illustrate ceramics and wooden colorful objects.
Tuscany is in my mind, my heart and my soul but the world is much more in there, with all its diversity, its curiosity, its contradiction, its colors and infinite shades.
I travelled all around the world but I feel the strongest love for the Mediterranean Sea and Latin America. I work in Tuscany but I have relationships with France and Belgium.

What I’m doing

Mostly it’s acrylic paint on wood and always figurative. I’m inspired by the raw wood: it absorbs the color. It integrates it taking different ways through its grains and proposes paths, shapes and suggestions.

Also colorful graphic art: etching, stylus work, skillscreen print, the whole is hand-painted with watercolors with a huge amount of colors.

My love for the wood brings me to produce furnishings items using old doors and wooden doors: obviously all these items are old items that I picked up myself and I recycle, manipulate and color them.

Then I like to decorate walls, again with acrylic paint, especially bring children’s’ rooms to life whom always give me so much joy and emotions.

Everything started with Picasso’s ceramics, in 2000, a true passion is born. And it still stimulates and moves me; that’s why I would never abandon it.


There is almost every time, without actual criteria: fishes, keys, radiant suns, cats, birds, vases and white cafetieres, beacons, paintings on the wall, balloons, kites, things hanged up by the top.
All these surprising things are composed and decomposed into several themes:
Tuscany indoors/outdoors, South American atmospheres, dreams of animals, masks, Mediterranean summers and beacons, trees and seasons, stories of fabric and other suggestions.